Today, one of the greatest challenges to Nigeria’s socio-economic development is a shortage of power from the power sector, with many homes still relying on candles, touch lights, lamps, and, of course, generators.

It is incredible that a third-world country like Nigeria, which is ‌leading Africa in terms of power, has stopped its development in order to ensure the long-term sustainability and generation of high-quality power for Nigerians.

Regardless of these limitations, nature’s natural rays of sunlight are the future alternative to an infinite supply of light. We will list and explain the top 11 solar energy companies in Nigeria. Hang on or you can read about renewable energy in Nigeria.

Top 11 Solar Energy Companies in Nigeria

What is Solar Energy 

Solar energy is the sun’s radiant light that can be captured using a variety of ever-evolving technologies, such as solar heating, solar thermal energy, photovoltaics, molten salt power, steel, and artificial photosynthesis.

Since solar energy has grown in popularity and usage in many parts of Nigeria, let’s speak about the top 10 companies that have invested in making solar energy a reality in Nigeria and are here to stay.

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Best 11 Solar Companies in Nigeria

The following is a list of Nigeria’s top eleven solar companies:

  1. Rubitec Nigeria Ltd
  2. Power Tech Solar Energy Limited
  3. Astrum Energy Solution Ltd
  4. Ecozar Technologies 
  5. Solar Force Nigeria PLC
  6. Leks Environmental Limited
  7. Infinite Solar Solutions Nigeria Ltd
  8. Hians Energy Solutions Ltd
  9. Green Power Solar company
  10. Wavetra Energy Limited
  11. Greenage Technologies Power Systems Limited

1. Rubitec Nigeria Limited

Rubitec Nigeria Limited specializes in renewable energy, including solar and inverter backup systems, small hydropower, agro-solar, biomass energy systems, waste to energy plants, mini-grid systems, landfill gas plants, and wind energy.

They also operate an academy with the goal of merging a Renewable Energy Company and an Independent Power Producer to provide electric power from Renewable Energy Technologies, or RETs, for the benefit of Nigeria’s rural and urban inhabitants.

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2. Power Tech Solar Energy Ltd 

Power Tech Solar Energy is a major renewable energy firm in Nigeria that strives to outperform its competitors by providing high-quality power products for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

Large-scale equipment, power backup, and machine procurement, supplies and installation, power storage, and alternative energy solutions such as solar, wind, and thermal are among the company’s specialties.

Powertech Solar, which was founded in 2010, also provides off-grid and on-grid solar solutions, as well as smart grid power stations, wind power systems, and portable hybrid rooftop systems.

3. Astrum Energy Solutions Ltd

Suite B5, Bethel Plaza, #36 Garden Avenue G.R.A Enugu is where Astrum Energy Solutions is located. Astrum Energy Solutions is a full-service solar energy provider that was founded in 2007.

Astrum Energy offers a full spectrum of solar PV-powered systems to homes and companies, as well as a microgrid for Nigerian communities. Lagos, Jos, and Port Harcourt are among the company’s active offices.

4. Ecozar Technologies

They established Ecozar Technologies in 2014 and is well-known in Nigeria for solar power and inverter installations in homes and businesses. Ecozar specializes in high-quality solar systems and inverter backup solutions, as well as their supply, design, installation, and maintenance.

This incredible organization creates energy solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, and suited to a client’s individual needs. They offer its services with prompt customer service and at a reasonable cost. They are also known for providing a thorough post-delivery check-up.

5. Solar Force Nigeria Plc

Solar Force Energy, founded in 2007, is one of Nigeria’s most well-known renewable energy companies. The company is committed to green energy and specializes in educating the public about solar technology.

Solar Force Nigeria (SFN) is a subsidiary of the Solar Force Corporation in the United States. Micro & Mini Grid, Home System, Solar Streetlights, Solar Borehole, Commercial System, Micro & Mini Grid, Micro & Mini Grid, Micro & Mini Grid, Micro & Mini Grid, Micro & Mini Grid, Micro & Mini Grid, Micro & Mini Grid, Micro & Mini Grid, Micro & Solar Force is based in Maitama, Abuja, at 1 Rima Street.

6. Leks Environmental Limited 

Leks Environmental Limited was founded in August 2011 and is known for its environmental, health, and scientific safety and solutions.

In Nigeria, Leks Environmental Limited is a fully integrated renewable energy firm.

They sell renewable energy and are active in environmental and energy infrastructure construction.

Environmental instruments, trash transportation, waste recycling equipment, health and safety items, and medical emergency transportation and equipment are all areas where the company provides performance-enhancing solutions.

Leks Environmental Limited is at 30A Alternative Road, Lekki Peninsula, off Chevron Drive.

Nigeria, Lagos, 105102a.

7. Infinite Solar Solutions Nigeria Ltd

Infinite Solar Solutions Nigeria Limited is a Nigerian solar energy firm that has won numerous awards. They specialize in solar product importing, wholesale, and retail.

They install solar street lights, hybrid and stand-alone inverters, solar lights, solar refrigerators, panels, and LEDs (lamps). Infinite Solar Solutions is also known for providing excellent customer service and delivering products on time.

Wuse 2 Abuja is where Infinite Solar Solutions Nigeria Limited is located.

8. HIANS Energy Solutions Limited

No. 1 Bank Avenue, Okpara Avenue, Enugu is the address of Hians Energy Solutions Limited.

Hians Energy Solutions comprises highly skilled professionals and experts in the fields of power solutions, inverter backup power / UPS supply and installation, research and development (R&D), electrical installations and repairs, alternative energy solutions, solar power, alternative energy consulting, and electrical services.

9. Green Power Solar Company

Green Power is Nigerian renewable energy and electromechanical engineering firm. They were founded in 2006 and offers high-quality Solar, Power Electronic (UPS, Inverters, Rectifiers), and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) solutions to a variety of industries, including privates, governments, schools, banking, health care, hotels, real estate, and the oil and gas sector.

Green Electricity’s solar and power solutions are tailored to ensure energy conservation, economic efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

10. Wavetra Energy LTD

Wavetra Energy LTD is a market leader in the field of solar and renewable energy. They assist customers in replacing their electricity with solar energy items such as solar panels, inverters, charge controllers, deep cycle batteries, complete systems, and even a Wavetra Energy Academy.

In Nigeria, they also sell wind turbines, LED street lights, and solar street lights, as well as accessories. Wavetra is well-known for selling authentic goods.

It is ‌at 15 Ajao Road in Ikeja, Lagos, off Adeniyi Jones Avenue.

11. Greenage Technologies Power Systems Limited 

Greenage Technologies Power Systems Limited is one of the solar energy companies in Nigeria and an indigenous manufacturer of solar Inverters in Nigeria currently. Their technology makes their inverters unique and can adapt to the Nigerian weather.

Their good content paves the way for an enabling environment for the growing renewable energy community in Nigeria. They also provide reliable and affordable solar inverter systems across all states in Nigeria.

Other things they deal with:

  1.  Stand Alone UPS
  2.  Online Inverters
  3. Solar Inverters
  4. Charge Controllers
  5. Hybrid Solutions

Their office is at No 10 Enugu Onitsha Expressway, Transekulu Enugu.


These listed solar companies in Nigeria were all established to help curb the problem of power supply in Nigeria. However, what should be the issue of concern is that not everyone can purchase these solar gadgets without breaking a sweat. Be that as it may, it’s up to the citizens of the country to try out any of these solar energy products when they need it.