Do you want to learn about solar refrigerators in Nigeria and where to buy them? Read along with me.

The unstable electricity conditions of the country have made it hard for refrigerators to perform as they should, putting homeowners in a continuous frenzy. Especially when it comes to the preservation of foods and other perishables.

Solar Refrigerators in Nigeria and where to buy them

Since solar power is fast spreading as a reliable and renewable energy source, some industries are now evolving refrigerator models to be powered solely by solar with little or no dependence on the electricity grid innovation. This in turn had become the advent of solar refrigerators.

let us go straight to solar refrigerators in Nigeria and where to buy them.

What is a solar refrigerator?

This image describes What solar refrigerator is

A solar refrigerator is a refrigerator which runs based on energy from the sun. Solar refrigerators are used for the preservation of food items as well as the preservation of vaccines in areas not open to electricity.

The refrigerator is run with a combination of solar energy panels for electricity production and tubular batteries to store energy for later use at night. 

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Solar Refrigerator in Nigeria and where to buy them?

Solar refrigerators in Nigeria and where to buy them are numerous. The places you can get good solar refrigerator in Nigeria are:

  1. Koolboks
  2. Truetech Facility Solution and Management 
  3. Power Solution Mall
  4. Somotex Nigeria Limited

But I will be focusing on Koolboks company and the types of Solar refrigerator they sell. Some of these companies also sell solar batteries and solar inverters in Nigeria.

About Koolboks company 

Koolboks company is one of the solar companies in Nigeria that has introduced this innovative piece of technology into the Nigeria solar market.

Address of Koolboks company 

Koolboks is located at; 49, Adekunle Fajuyi Way, Ikeja GRA 101233, Lagos State.

The design of Koolboks Solar refrigerator 

The solar refrigerator was designed to bridge the divide among the 3 essential needs of Nigerian homes/businesses which are;

  • Light
  • Energy
  • Refrigeration

Features of Koolboks Solar Refrigerator 

  1. The president and co-founder of Koolboks, Mr. Dominic Ayoola said that their solar refrigerators came with LED bulbs for night vision. 
  2. It also comes with USB ports for charging mobile phones.
  3. Koolboks solar-powered freezers have been built with the capability of lasting for up to 4 days without regular electricity supply and sunlight.
  4. It has an inbuilt lithium battery. 
  5. The freezer is also capable of switching between AC and DC with a 150 W solar panel.

Prices of Solar Refrigerators in Nigeria

We have listed solar refrigerators in Nigeria and where to buy them. We would go ahead to examine the price range for 3 examples of solar refrigerators and their specs. 

And if you don’t have the money to fund this now, you can go for solar financing to get the specs of your choice.

NamePricePower requirements ( V )Net capacity ( l )Weight (kg)ColorMain material
Sol 220 liters solar refrigeratorAbout #395,000 to #450,00012 or 2422039WhiteAluminum
Bon solar DC freezerFrom #200,000 to #250,00012 or 2411835WhiteFiber and metal
Bona expansions#357,000-#430,00012 or 2421842WhiteFiber and metal

3 Types of Solar Refrigerator

There are 3 types of solar refrigerators. They include:

  1. Photovoltaic operated refrigeration system
  2. Solar mechanical refrigeration
  3. Absorption refrigeration

4 Uses of Solar Refrigerator

This image describes the 4 uses of solar refrigerator

Solar refrigerators are mostly used in off-grid areas without electricity supply. And they have four major uses;

  1. Storage of food
  2. Preservation of vaccines
  3. Making drinks and water chill
  4. Preserving perishables and meat

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Benefits of Solar Refrigerators

There are quite a lot of benefits associated with using solar. Some of them include;

  1. Solar refrigerator are eco-friendly
  2. Free and portable energy
  3. Solar refrigerator do not need constant monitoring
  4. Solar refrigerator are energy efficient 
  5. The failure of the electricity grid will no longer be an issue.

1. Solar refrigerators are eco-friendly

Instead of having to burn diesel generators as a means of standby electricity, solar refrigerators cut that process and at the same time reduce the carbon imprint on the ecosystem.

2. Free and portable energy

You are powering your refrigerator without having to worry about the bill it would accumulate because you are not paying for the sun for the power it provides. 

Solar refrigerators are portable cooling units that make use of solar energy.

3. Solar refrigerators do not need constant monitoring

The technology of a solar refrigerator gives you the opportunity to set it and even forget about it. 

You will not have to worry about high or low currents from the electricity grid and the presence of batteries in the set-up would help in providing energy on cloudy days and periods of zero sunshine.

4. Solar refrigerators are energy efficient

A solar refrigerator has been built to work with direct current so as to maximize every form of solar energy it receives.

Also, it does not require an Inverter so with a 250V panel, and at least 2 deep cycle batteries, you are sure to keep your fridge running efficiently.

5. The failure of the electricity grid will no longer be an issue

Sometimes, when there is an issue with the distribution grid, you tend to experience a total blackout and this in turn affects the running of your refrigerator more if you have a lot of food in there.

But, with a solar refrigerator, even if it rains for a whole week your refrigerator would keep running so far there’s a glimpse of sunshine.

Is it advisable to buy second-hand solar refrigerators?

Buying a second-hand solar refrigerator won’t do you any good but especially if it already has an engine problem. 

As much as buying a new solar refrigerator could be expensive, it is still an investment equal to its worth because buying second-hand refrigerators can come with a lot of issues.

But if at all you decide to go with a second-hand solar refrigerator, here are some things to look out for;

  • Refrigerator size
  • The current working condition of the refrigerator
  • The credibility of the vendor


Buying a solar refrigerator will help you with preserving your food and perishables. If you are into selling perishables goods, it will do a great good.

Investing in solar refrigerators in Nigeria because of electricity issues is a good asset to have at home.

Key Takeaways

  • Solar refrigerators can function with direct current 
  • There are 3 types of solar refrigerators
  • Photovoltaic operated refrigeration system
  • Solar mechanical refrigerator
  • Absorption refrigerator