With an increasing decline in the provision of a steady power supply in Nigeria, Greenage technologies sprang up. 

Their aim is to provide a long lasting solution to this power decline for homeowners as well as business owners through the indigenous production of smart solar inverters and sales of solar batteries

Stay tuned to learn everything you need to know about Greenage Technologies Power Systems Limited.

Everything you need to know about Greenage Technologies Power Systems Limited

About Greenage Technologies Power Systems Limited 

Greenage technology as earlier stated is a renewable energy startup and also an indigenous startup based in Nigeria, focused on providing steady energy to the people via the production of smart solar inverter systems.

Here are some more details about them:

Start date22nd February 2017
FoundersAaron EsumehOkereke KingsleyNwangele ChukwuemekaUdeh Nnaemeka IsaacOgechukwu Emmanuel
Mission statementTo power Africa’s underserved population with clean, reliable, and affordable energy.
Vision statementTo be the premier smart energy company.
Main office location10 Enugu-Onitsha expressway, Trans-Ekulu, Enugu state Nigeria.
Warranty period2 years
Total funding $157,000
RC number2482142

A brief history of the Greenage technologies

Greenage technologies Power Systems Limited is one of the solar energy dealers and companies in Nigeria and was birthed in 2012 by the following people who were students of the University of Nigeria Nsukka at the time;

  • Esumeh Aaron Ndidi
  • Okereke Kingsley Nnagozie
  • Nwangele Chukwuemeka Godwin
  • Udeh Nnaemeka Isaac
  • Ogechukwu Uchechukwu Emmanuel

These 5 were being mentored by a member of Esumeh’s church who had volunteered to accommodate them in his workshop and teach them how to make simple electronics.

The team began working at the research institute of the University of Nigeria Nsukka Energy Research Center.

In 2016 November, the governor of Enugu state, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi bought one of the team’s early inverter prototypes during the first trade fair in Nsukka.

 This, in turn, boosted their morale and in 2017, they took the step towards cooperate registration as an energy-providing company.

On the 22nd day of February 2017, Greenage technologies registered as a company and officially launched its product into the market in November 2017. They have since then built a client base across 4 major cities which include: Enugu, Lagos State, PortHarcourt city, and Abuja.

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Greenage Technologies Power Systems Limited Products

The Greenage technologies company has 5 different products in the market. Below is a list of the products and their description.

ProductDescriptionTime durationSubscription plan
All in one solar energy solutionHas an operating capacity of 300w to power essentials like 1fan, 1 LED TV, 10 led bulbs, and any other light load.Runs for 10-18 hours with loads of average of 100w loads dailyNo subscription plan
1.5kW peak power systemThe 1.5kW system is ideal for homes and offices with moderate power consumption.Runs for at least 12.8 hours with loads of 500w dailyInstallmental payments of 7 months
3kW peak power systemThis power system is designed to carry heavy loads like Refrigerator, inverter AC, Electric Iron, and other heavy loadsRuns for 25.6 hours with 500w loads daily6 months installmental payments
4kW peak power systemBest suited for large institutions and is a good replacement for your 7.5kW fuel generator.Runs for 21.34 hours with 1000w loads dailyHas 2 subscription plans:12 months plan6 months plan
High power system 6kWThis is used by banks, universities, and the likes of small industries. It can power all the gadgets according to the capacity and number of units the system acquires. It is a good replacement for your 10kW fuel generator.Capable of running for 32 hours on 1000w loads per day.Has 2 types of installmental plans:12 months plan6 months sub plan

Greenage Technologies as one of the top 11 solar companies in Nigeria also buys and sells products like:

  1. Inverter Batteries
  2. Charge controller of all volts
  3. Battery Racks and
  4. Distilled water.

Board and Executive Team of Greenage Technologies Power Systems Limited 

Also, the board and executive team are made up of 10 people ( the founders included). Below are the names of the board members and their positions:

Board memberPosition
Mr. Ezinwanne Okwudiri Aparu Senior Vice President Strategic Planning
Mr. Emeka Okoye DaluchukwuSenior Vice President International Business and Investment
Nnamdi Chijioke AnikaSenior Vice President Internal Affairs
Prof. Umezuruike Linus OparaHead of Research and Innovations
Ogechukwu Uchechukwu EmmanuelHead of Business Relations
Nwangele Chukwuemeka Godwin ( co-founder )Head of Operations
Okereke Kingsley Nnagozie (co-founder)Head of Inverter Assembly
Esumeh Aaron Ndidi ( co-founder )Head of Units Production
Udeh Nnaemeka Isaac ( co-founder )Head of Field Service
Anohie Chinonye Emmanuel Factory Manager

Are there advantages to patronizing Greenage technologies?

The answer is yes, there are a couple of advantages that come with patronizing Greenage technologies. They include:

  • Greenage technologies have customized their systems to adapt for use in Nigeria.
  • Greenage systems also contain indigenous contents like parental remote control, menu drive function, and short circuit detection.
  • Greenage has flexible payment options to help ease your solar needs and meet your power needs.

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Notable Achievements of Greenage Technologies Power Systems Limited 

Some of the most notable achievements of the company are:

  1. In 2018, Greenage technologies won the USADF off-grid challenge and were awarded $100,000 to fund the installation of solar energy in over 40 homes in Nigeria.
  2. In 2019, they were also winners of the National Information Technology Development Agency competition.

And most recently on the 16th day of June 2022, Greenage secured a $500,000 investment from the shell-funded investment company, All-on, for the production of solar inverters.

How to contact Greenage Technologies Power Systems Limited 

Contact address: 10 Enugu-Onitsha expressway, Trans-Ekulu Enugu.

Phone number: 08038360163

Email: contact@greenagetech.com.


With 5 years into the business, Greenage technologies have been able to migrate from being a local startup to being an international startup. They plan to spread throughout the country and Africa as a whole.

Key Takeaways

  • Greenage technologies were registered as a compliment on 22nd February 2017
  • They currently have 5 products on sale in the Nigeria market
  • They have a 2 years warranty period
  • Greenage has a client base in Enugu and has established itself there. They are planning to open offices in  3 major cities in Nigeria. They include Lagos,  PortHarcourt, and Abuja.