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The introduction of renewable energy has been assisting in reducing the impact of the country’s erratic power supply, and this is made possible by top solar energy companies in Nigeria. For years, Lagos has struggled with continuous power generation and supply. 

By generating electricity from common wastes and biodegradable raw materials, solar energy lowers environmental pollution. Additionally, they have a 45-decibel maximum noise level. So that you may continue to be productive at work, manage your business, and watch your favorite TV shows without endangering the environment or the ears of your neighbors.

25 Solar Power Dealers And Companies in Lagos

25 Solar Power Dealers And Companies in Lagos

Below is the list of 25 Solar Power Dealers And Companies in Lagos:

1. Salpha Energy 

Solar panels, kits, solar home kits, batteries, torches, and other solar products are sold with confidence by Salpha Energy. 

Location: 69 Docemu Street Lagos Island,Lagos, Nigeria, 

Contact info: 0809 268 5555, 0817 777 6052, 0817 777 6053

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2. Alo R-Energy 

One of the leading solar energy firms in Lagos, Nigeria, Alo R-Energy has been assisting individuals and businesses in designing long-lasting and sustainable solar power system solutions for their residences and places of business. 

Location: 12 Adegbite Avenue Lagos, Nigeria

Contact info:  0703 499 1288.

3. Gosena Nigeria Ltd. 

An indigenous distributor, Gosena Nigeria Limited, provides electrical appliances and illuminating batteries.

Location: 32A Alli Dada Street Isolo, Lagos

Contact info: 0802 853 0300, 07062022145, and 08165687122.

4. Manval Solar Technologies

Solar equipment, inverters, batteries, and renewable energy system sales, consulting, and maintenance are all provided by Manval Solar Technologies. 

Location: Km 11 Lekki-Epe Expressway, (next to Total Filling Station) Agungi Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria 

Contact info: 0909 532 7475.

5. Solar Wizard Nigeria Limited 

Led lamps, solar street lights, and indoor led services are all offered by Solar Wizard Nigeria Limited. 

Location: 3, Allen Avenue, Soji Adepegba Close Ikeja, Lagos, 

Contact info: 0806 689 5402, 0809 927 1000, or 0902 214 2030.

6. Vanpeux Solarity

In order to provide households, cooperatives, and businesses with inexpensive power, local solar company VANPEUX Solar, which is based in Nigeria, collaborates with global companies like Solar Africa, Solar Century, and Sunfunder.

Location: 15 Bajulaiye Road, Kalejaiye Bus Stop, Shomolu,  Lagos, Nigeria 

Contact info: 0813 784 5999, 0802 450 9929, 0805 273 5910 

7. B9 Technologies 

B9 Technologies provides installation and sales services for solar street lights, wind turbines, solar charge regulators, solar freezers, solar accessories, and solar training systems. 

Location: 40B Seinde Calisto Crescent Oshodi, Lagos, Nigeria, 

Contact info: 0813 753 6812.

8. Budtron Technologies Limited 

Electrical installation is an area of expertise for Budtron Technologies Limited. 

Location: 80, Ogunmuyiwa Street Itire, Lagos, 

Contact info: 0802 301 5163.

9. Cosann Solar  

The Marina Lagos-based Cosann Solar company specializes in selling solar-powered, rechargeable motion sensor lights.

Location: Suite 88, 3rd Floor Kingsway Building 51/52, Marina Lagos island, Nigeria, 

Contact info: 0808 184 6868, or 0803 322 5622.

10. Felicity Solar Nig Ltd. 

Deep-cycle batteries, solar street lights, solar home systems, Mppt controllers, and pure sine wave inverters are among the products that Felicity Solar Nigeria Limited makes and sells. 

Location: 5, Second Floor, Block B, Plot 129 Festac Link Bridge Road Festac Town, Lagos, Nigeria, 

Contact info: 0909 049 0362, 0808 358 0791.

11. Felix Jude Limited 

Installation services for fire alarm systems, solar PV systems, CCTV, and vehicle tracking devices are provided by Felix Jude Limited. 

Location: 10 Oseni Liadi Street Okota, Lagos, 

Contact info: 08023751413, 07082020915.

12. Greencrest Energy Power Supply Company 

In order to market and distribute sustainable energy goods, Greencrest Energy Power Supply Company was established. Solar water pumps, solar home systems, and solar street lights are among our main offerings. Additionally, we provide batteries, inverters, and solar panels. 

Location: 24 Mabinouri Street, Shangisha, Magodo,  Lagos, Nigeria 

Contact info: 0907 733 3420, 0713 447 7086, 0815 606 4166.

13. Heads Engineering and Development Co. 

Sales of solar panels, batteries, inverters of all sizes, automotive inverters, and other energy-related items are all done by Heads Engineering and Development Company Limited. 

Location: Combined Plaza, Suite 11B, 68 Akowonjo Road Lagos, Nigeria 

Contact info: 0803 749 9583, 0702 558 3985.

14. MacFreys International Limited 

Home appliances including fans and bulbs are the focus of MacFreys International Limited.

Location:  3 Governor’s Road Ikotun, Lagos, 

Contact info: 0813 550 3221.

15. Nduka Battery Dealers 

Nigeria’s Lagos state is home to Nduka Battery Dealers. They offer services for inverters, batteries of all kinds, and more.

Location: 99 Obafemi Awolowo Way Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, 

Contact info: 0706 052 7842. 

16. NickZander Energy Tech Solutions 

An energy company called Nickzander Energytech Solutions is dedicated to integrating energy-efficient equipment and making renewable energy available to everyone. As well as installing inverters and solar panels, we also provide energy audits and design projects. 

Location: 2, Mosaku Street, Oshodi, Lagos

Contact info:  (809) 757-3172, (805) 696-808.

17. Ozonak Power Solutions 

In Nigeria, a company called Ozonak Power Solutions offers training for installing solar panels, inverters, CCTV cameras, and fire alarm systems.

Location: 3 Tijani Street, Ipaja, Lagos, 

Contact info: 0702 500 0989.

18. Prennl Nigeria Limited 

Prennl Nigeria Limited sells solar phone chargers, solar LED combo study lamps, solar rechargeable lanterns, solar street lights, and solar landscape lights. 

Location: 118, Akerele Street Surulere, Lagos, 

Contact info: 0802 290 1592, 01 852 3493.

19. SolaPro 

For the purchase and delivery of solar panels, batteries, inverters, and MPPT, SolaPro is one of Nigeria’s top solar hubs. 

Location: 9 Olaiya Street Ikeja, Lagos, 

Contact info: 08034596173 

20. Solar Power Nigeria 

The Oshodi neighborhood of Lagos is home to Solar Power Nigeria, which specializes in the installation and maintenance of off-grid solar systems with a 1KVA to 15KVA rating.

Location: 20, Olatunji Street Lagos, Nigeria 

Contact info: (0806 096 7886).

21. Solar Wizard Nigeria Ltd 

For residential and business clients, Solar Wizard Nigeria Ltd. creates, installs, and maintains customized sustainable solar solutions. 

Location: KM56 of the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway Lagos, Lagos State, 

Contact info: 0806 689 5402, 0806 632 6688, 0908 578 7777.

22. Valentine Agency 

Solar energy systems such as solar panels, inverters, solar power and house systems, inverter backup systems, and hybrid systems are sold, installed, and maintained in Lagos by Valentine International Agency Services Limited. 

Location: No 16, Ndekma Close, Ogunlowo Estate, Estate Bus Stop 

Lagos, Nigeria 

Contact info: (0803 445 2615, 0805 746 4966)

23. Vanpeux Global Snergy 

A legitimately registered solar developer with a Nigerian base is VANPEUX Global Synergy Ltd. “We actively engage in the Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (REEE) sector, providing services to individuals and SMEs in the area of energy.”

Location: DE Bajo Building, 15 Kalejaiye Bus StopShomolu, Lagos,

Contact info:  0816 477 4502 

24. Vesselnet Solar 

“At VesselnetSolar, we never compromise on quality because it is our guiding principle. Our batteries are covered by a three-year warranty, our solar panels by a twenty-five-year warranty, and all installation labor is covered by a two-year warranty.”

Location: 42 Oyibo Adjarho Street, Off Admiralty, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos

Contact info: 0906 306 3687 

25. WiSolar 

Solar energy is being used by a lease-to-own corporation to produce cleaner energy. Helping businesses and consumers with affordable monthly payments.

Location: 16 Amodu Ojikutu Street Victoria Island, Lagos, 

Contact info: 0805 520 5951 


If you reside in Lagos and need a solar system for backup light, I have listed 25 Solar Power Dealers And Companies in Lagos. I also included their contact addresses and phone numbers. No need to keep asking about how to get a solar dealer in Lagos, Nigeria. 

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